P.O.O.P. (or: Pictures Of Other Peoples)

like many bloggers i just save fart-tons of images from other blogs that i like and then i put together a lame post like this one where i just rehash said pictures telling you why i love them...it's lame.  

lamer still is i don't remember who i stole them from...


so here ya go!


big gold palm tree with tufted leather screen?





small and perfect and perfectly masculine.  this looks like a jerkus room, is it?:



those benches-that piping-that fireplace-those windows!:



that green couch with that black chair, the pinks, grays..all of it is so perfectly muted..






thank you jesus (or satan?!):



french heaven:



this is so cute for your teenager. do it!:



doors and tile:



david hicks circa 1960something:


simple organic modern warmth good:



mmmmmmm.....black velvet and that light.....



mmmmmm.....gold velvet and that light..........



you're dead inside if you don't love this:


cobalt blue velvet bench=pants pooped:

well that clears out more space in my insp. files!



today i am interviewing dad.

 i am black lacquering my bamboo headboard.

so more original content coming your way soon.

images (i think) via:

head over heels, eye spy, houzz, from the right bank, casamidy and berkus and the webz