mfamb interview: dad

this is silly dad:


and semi-serious clint eastwood dad:

ladies and gentleman...

i give you...




mfamb:  where were you born?


dad:  in the back of a covered wagon.


mfamb:  what's one thing no one knows about you (that you can tell that won't scar me forever)?


dad:  i don't have one Y chromosome, i have TWO!


mfamb:  what is the single most important thing you think you know for sure?


dadi'll have to check with your mother and get back to you.


mfamb:  if you could go back in time and change one thing about your life what would it be?


dad:  I would be a better father.  I would have stayed home more, made an effort to instill good values and sound judgement, put more of an emphasis on the things that are truly important and less on the things that are truly superficial.



mfamb:  kim kardashian or nigella?


dad: easy, nigella!  we met her, remember?

1.  she is capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. (MA from oxford)

2.  she can obviously cook. 

3.  she lives in one of my favorite cities in the world, london.

4.  the sex is great! (and even if it weren't i'd just climb on and tell her to 'try to get up until i tell you to stop')  


(btw, the above are in no particular order of importance)


mfamb:  favorite meal?


dad:  a can of beans and franks heated over a campfire when i was about 7 or 8. we had been sledding with another father and son on a cold winter day in iowa.  maybe because it was one of the few things my father ever did with me. still love beans and franks though!


mfamb:  choose: sitting in traffic and you just pooped you pants or talking to a beautiful woman with spinach in your teeth?


dad:  i can talk without smiling.  i do it all the time!


mfamb:  top 3 favorite books?


dadGreatest Moments in French Literature by The Real Housewives of 'fill in the blank'"

Living With Divas- Art or Science by Mike Anderson  (FFF!!!??)

Ten Things You Can Do With a Dead Cat- Anonymous


mfamb:  what do you think about supermike?  do you think i made a good choice?


dad:  honey, you make it sound like the guys were lining up around the block to marry you!  mike is a saint.

you should get down on your knees and give him......THANKS! daily!

 mfamb:  how come you hate cats so much?


dad:  i don't hate them, i tolerate them (i have to if i want to remain married).  there's a good reason you don't see too many seeing-eye-cats.


mfamb:  elle decor or house beautiful?


dad:  huh?


mfamb:  you retired relatively early and were pretty successful financially, do you have any advice on that subject?


dad: as early as possible put on retainer a shady lawyer/accountant.  redundant, i know.


mfamb:  if you could be anyone famous who would it be and why? 


dad:  i believe god made each of us for a reason so i'll trust His judgement (no pun intended) and be content with just being me trying to work out the flaws.

now, if you ask me who i admire, that would be different; father jean-yves urfie.  i'm honored to call him a friend and to have had him in my home.  you can google him and come up with all sorts of articles which don't really explain the man. among many other things he was in the documentary The Agronomist by jonathan demme and has been knighted by the president of france.  he just spent the last 2 years in france and just recently returned to haiti, this time for good.  he's in his 70's now and could be living comfortably in rome or france but chooses to live in haiti.

(father jean-yves urfie)


mfamb: and finally...

the best memory of your life?


dad: the day your mother and i discovered latex ready-to-wear.

(la la la la -fingers in ears- la la la la)


i hope you enjoyed my dad.

i did. (wait...ew)