many things

 first of all i can't thank you enough for all of your knob/pull info yesterday.

you guys deserve good things, like this:


so initially i thought the knobs from yesterday's post weren't knobs at all but pulls.

then some of you started sending me links to knobs and i had to go back and look at the picture and then i was all..."wait...i think those are knobs!"

but then i decided that i didn't give a poop..

i wanted pulls.

i think.


 knob or pull?

i say knob.

but i still want pull. (don't i?)

here are some options:


in a polished brass finish:



not close but still nice:



might be too fancy/

might not be too fancy:



a knob.

in brass.

but too pokey.





another knob.

too small?

too blurry?

too 80's double breasted blazer button?


back the fuck up jenny..

what in the high water in hades are these knobs going on??!!


they are going on bedside tables very similar to the inspiration pic only smaller.









my love affair with windsor smith has reached new heights.


and finally..

back by popular (thank you) demand:

i will be holing myself up for a few days in order to deliver a grand and glorious RHOATL recap

as well as a RHOBH recap.

while i love me some nene and company..

those BH bitches are far and away the most awesome housewives EVEEERRRR!!

i am counting the seconds until tonight's dinner party..

for those of you who hate this shit..

all apologies.

you were out voted.

but i still love you and have just sent a dozen of these to your facepieces.




windsor smith rooms via wsroominabox