for serious

i make these moodboards bc i LOVE making them...

it feels like the funnest thing ever.  

except they start out easy but then satan steps in and has to be all "perfection is the only way!!! try harder!!"

and "that rug doesn't go!!  fuck you blonde girl!!! i will eat your skin if you don't finiiiiish!!!"

so what starts out as a quick post for you turns into an all day affair.

plus it's school christmas party stuff today and fiona has a cold everywhere, including her eye andihavetobringfruitandistillhaven'tfinishedchristmasshoppingandmyvaginaisbleeding....

so here is your fartknocking moodboard!!!!!

1. creamy, white grasscloth wallpaper

2. allegra hicks tulip fabric in cream/chocolate on sofa

3. allegra hicks velvet dragonfly in plum as accent fabric..pillow, curtains...

4.  cassidy table lamp from arteriors home

5. soft squishy luzerne sofa from jayson

6. weinrib rug in cy

7. wall to wall jute

8. cool coffee table

9. antique bergere chairs recovered in

10. schumacher lavender mohair velvet

11. another accent fabric..


consider it...