the day after christmas..

what are you doing?


did you have a good christmas?


fiona got a guitar:


it snowed on christmas...

 that is major.

i have lived here for 20+ years and it has never snowed on christmas..





the standing rib roast i made melted in our mouths..

my table was simple.

in fact, it was all i could do to throw a table cloth on it and light the candles..

but that meat up there was dumb.


shit got eaten though..

there were just 4 of us..

and we dined on roast beast,  pear and walnut salad and popovers:


and squidgy brownies:


 today has been slow.

it has snowed plenty.

it's too cold to play outside.

cats are curled up in balls on beds.

mike is watching football somewhere.

fiona is watching busytown mysteries..


i am ready to redecorate everything.


talk later?