love letter

the year was 2004.  

the last day of 2004 to be exact.

6 years ago today.

new year's eve will never be the same.

not that i ever held much reverence for this day to begin with.

it has always been a major let down, party-wise.

nope, today will forever be your birthday.

i can't think about sparkle makeup and champagne when i have to think about princess icing, the perfect wrapping paper for your presents and is all this going to be good enough?!

as i said, i am ok with it.

for i love you.

more than the earth and all it's undiscovered parts.

more than wine.





i love that you could really give two shits about princesses and would rather go as a vampire or a monster for halloween.


i love that you sing songs while you pee so no one hears you peeing.


i love that you have an imaginary friend named ziggy.

and i also understand that this is bc you are painfully shy and having ziggy makes you less so.


i love when you sing and dance bc you do it in a funny way, not a scary "america's got talent" way...


i love that you love to draw more than just about anything.

(and i have saved every single piece of paper you ever put a crayon, pencil, paint brush or marker to.)


today you are 6. 


such a big, funny, sweet, complicated, brilliant girl.

don't take things so seriously my darling..

life can stink like a thousand butts but you have to push through..

it always gets better.


i love you.

happy birthday.