birthday presents and love

on friday we went out with our friends molly and dave and susie and her husband david.

we went to anis (is that french for anus?) here in atlanta, a french bistro filled with REAL LIVE FRENCH PEOPLE!!

there were sequins:

and wine and wishes:

(molly likes to take crooked pictures)

and i had a great time.



money with which i will buy 2 MUCH needed winter essentials.


and this:

the rest of said money will go to other much needed things, like groceries.


mike got me this:

which is fucking hilarious.

if you are in the book store you need to pick it up and look through it.

i was on the floor laughing out loud in the middle of borders.


susie gifted me gorgeous barware!

raina sent me these:

and molly put together a pretty gift basket of all things gold.

which included a bottle of lillet, lush bubble bar, chocolates wrapped in gold, a david stark plate for west elm etc...

it was all so so lovely.

i am so grateful for them.

and i am also grateful to all of you who wished me happiness.

thank you.

i love you.