we now have more info on this room

  the image from yesterday...


another angle:

i now realize that the sectional is partly to blame here..

the room obviously has 2 large entries.

and itself is rather a large room.

so i feel we need two separate sitting areas. 

so..move the sectional + coffee table down to where the fireplace is, on top

of the rug.

use the bookshelf area as another sitting area with the 2 louis armchairs.

put a shiny round table between the two chairs, 

then get a sexy day bed a la my oly jonathan bench and set it in between the sectional sitting area and the library sitting area.  

take this awesome but ill placed chair:

and set it in the sectional sitting area..on the other side of the coffee table.

and then have a sandwich in the dining room:

this is fun.


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