we are a hard crowd to please..

so i will say this up front. this was better. lonny is like a 17 year old boy trying to hit the g spot of his much MUCH older girlfriend. the girlfriend being us. the g spot being....domino.
there were some hits..not many misses i'd say. in fact i loved something about every place. but i never had a full on orgasm. keep trying though, your bound to hit it sooner or later.
here are my thoughts.

there was the KW hotel. big deal. if i were to walk in there i would probably comment on how it looks like kelly wearstler threw up in here:

yeah yeah yeah...signature style hollywood glamour meets modern blah blah..more like freaky hieroglyphics from planet ugly. it already looks dated. next...

lizzie bailey's place was refreshing in that it was a shitty rental that she made her own...
i can appreciate a woman who does little to change the fixtures but instead chooses to put up gorgeous wallpaper. even if she decided against cleaning the grout. martha is not pleased.

then this guy...
try to look past the poser hair and child molester moustache. his place was sexy. although i don't like when people stack their books into towers. how do you get the 10th book down without a hassle? fuck you book tower.

his kitchen was my fave..i love the farrow and ball Hairy Vagina's wallpaper.

this place was too goddamn bright for me. i can't take all those bright colors. i just can't take it.

i did enjoy this portion of it though..those windows are killing me...

the belgian place was on the opposite color spectrum.. here are some shorty book towers..this doesn't create as much of a hassle..but still it would take effort to grab the bottom book and for that i say FUCK YOU TOO SHORTY BOOK TOWERS!!

so far i am hearing that everyone LOOOOOVES this place...

it seems a little cold to me..too drab. maybe a flower somewhere would have helped it's cause. plus i think the whole place looks like restoration hardware pooped in it.

then there were the sisters...2 sisters-2 apartments. similar styles. didn't domino do something like this? fuck, i don't know..i don't read the articles...i'm just there to rub one out while i look at hot rooms..
this was a standout for me. sucker for good wallpaper anywhere but really juiced by it in a small space...can you see my lady juice dripping from the wall??

from the other sister..

so...well...good. will go back for more where as issue number 2 i have not gone back once to look. issue number one is burned into my cerebral cortex.
in summary:
KW is a lunatic
moustaches and greasy hair is not hot
fuck cleaning your tiles' grout just put up good wallpaper and stuff
every place, a mini bar
book towers are not of any use to people with hands
belgian decor is the new pottery barn
wallpaper still makes me ever so happy
michelle adams most likely hates me
but eddie ross made me his friend on facebook

all images patrick cline for lonny