a few things before you flit away for the weekend..

it is supposed to snow here in atlanta today...3 inches. i know!! that's r'tard compared to what the rest of the country has been dealing with. but i hail from the midwest so i grew up playing in 4-5 foot drifts of snow and building ice caves and shit. so when we get a little snow here in the south i get very excited. i intend to take plenty of dorky pictures for you so stay tuned over the weekend..

i saw this very cool kitchen over on elements of style and was pretty impressed by the thought that went into every detail of her house in general...go check it out. here and here.

what are you and your best love going to do for valentines this weekend? me and supermike are going to dinner at rathbun's (cockpussyballsit'sgood). where i will wear this anthropolgie garnet bead necklace:

with these soft, creamy, red suede shoes from 9west:
with jeans and a jcrew sweatshirt. cazsh..with a side of glitz and glamuh. and YES i buy all my shit at the mall.

after dinner we are going to see this...

i am very excited!!!
what are your plans my little cupids?