thanks a lot immune system

well friends guess who did not go to a delicious restaurant and movie last night? that's right, me.
fuck you flu! no pretty red necklace, no creamy red suede shoes..just a bathrobe and men's socks, puffy eyes and am pretty sure there is a spike rammed into my brain, just behind my left eye..i know, i can't see it either but it's there. trust. it also appears as though i have perhaps suffered a stroke as the left side of my face looks paralyzed.

supermike managed some flowers, which was nice...

i got this too. perhaps looking at other people's pretty gardens will send signals to my red blood cells to get their shit together and start doing their job better..

this is helping my tummy...
fiona and mike are out having fun so i am alone. which is both good and bad...there was very little food in the house so for lunch i made a quick taco filling (there were hard shells in the pantry) of beans, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic and i sat eating them i wondered if i puked would an undigested corn shell shard lodge itself in my throat and kill me, mama cass style?

mike sent this, which cheered me up as well as reminded me to chew slowly..