bar cart project

susie over at eye spy does a weekly bit where she scours atlanta craigslist for cool shit. she found this bar cart. i have been wanting a bar cart so i called the number on the craigslist page...the woman wanted 80 bucks for it and i said you're fucking crazy oldlady!! i'll give you 10! not really, i asked if she would sell it for 20 and she said bc she was moving she would! so i did. its 60's, on casters and it has a shiny black top. i am going to paint it "swan" by glidden which i had on hand and then gloss it up with some poly. (swan is basically white)

it extends so that i can put more stuff on it for when we have parties (never).

i will put some pulls on it like this one here on the right..
i'm sure there are cooler casters out there which i will look into. this is a temporary fix but easy to change if i decide i want to do something different.

any thoughts on my purchase?