bar inspiration

extremely pumped about my bar. here are some things that told me they want to live on it..

every bar needs a cool tray. this vintage orangey red lacquer serving tray from pip and estella decided right away that she would look awesome on the black and white bar with shiny brass rings..and she is cheap...26 bucks. done.

not sure if this ice bucket will work with the orange tray but i really really love it and he said that he would sit happily underneath until he is needed, quietly. he is only 28 dollars. hmmm...
from katie armour's etsy shop...

every bar needs monogrammed cocktail napkins. the black is chic. from here.

and while i know these aren't technically cocktail glasses, they would be super appropriate for my gin gin mule's come spring. also from katie armour!!

these teak tumblers said they needed to be on the bar to introduce a natural element to the shiny lacquery watery icy golden sparkly mix. they're right..

good for olive pits or lemons and're coming too black bowldish!

and you look like a healthy're DEFINITELY invited. i shall put toothpicks in you.

pitchers for when i make a batch of goodness.. eddie ross is selling this one for 60 bucks. too rich for me but it is lovely.

this one is very charming too and much more affordable for me at 26 dollars. can't you see bright red sangria in it??

and of course a bar isn't really a bar without the pretty booze bottles like st. germain.

grey goose...(for you raina!)

and a nice leaded crystal decanter for wine..

going to get the last bit of priming and sanding done today so tomorrow i can start the painting process!! can't wait to show you..

cocktail and vagina cheers,