stealing ideas for you and me..

as you all know susie at eye spy does her craigslist thing for all of us in atlanta and she is amazing at it. how else would i have found my awesome bar cart (which is coming along nicely i might add..just needs some finishing touches, a shiny coat of love and the hardware should be here today!! so a few more days for the reveal please and thank you) where in the fuck was i?? oh yes...craigslist finds..susie has inspired me to find some workable pieces for those of you in the atlanta area..

marble and wood table- 100 bucks!!
someones entry needs this! get it and then email me so that i can help you style it up!!

bamboo occasional chair- 75 bucks!!!
this chair is perfect for that one spot in your house that needs something not too big, not too small and everyone needs an extra chair. BUY it and then email me so we can discuss finish and fabric options!

mid century eye back chairs-100 bucks for both!!! (whaaaa???)
painted glossy white with pink velvet seat cushions, yes and done.

and also have you all seen this???

yes, that's a homemade imperial trellis stencil...

yes that's a bedroom wall being stenciled with said homemade imperial trellis stencil..

for realz...go here for the diy of all diy's..