delightful and small

when i was first out of college i was back at my moms house skinny from lack of nutrition and probably still high from too much weed. not so for entry level fashion writer lauren mcgrath. she and her designer mom set to work on her first apartment, decorating it together. mom is a designer (duh), so this is why her place looks better than mine does. also, raise your hand if your first apartment "fresh out of college" looked anything like hands. mine had a futon bed and a whole lot of walmart bed in a bag. but i did manage to paint every single wall in it bright fucking red. blood red. and i wasn't out of college. i was 24.

love the 2 small tables. so good for small spaces.

i am not sure about the curtains not going all the way to the floor. can any of you designers tell me why they did this? i don't hate it, i just thought this was some kind of golden designer-y rule...curtains always to the floor.

pretty cute isn't it?

via traditional home