holy dayballs and some things that do not suck

i have been on my feet all day organizing games and puzzles and baby clothes and what not for fiona's school consignment sale- which BTW starts tomorrow night and goes thru saturday. good times. and let me tell you it is a fucking treasure trove of everything you need for your kid. it looks like santa's workshop in there.

someone please take me here....

and i received the wonderbar a few days ago, apparently a few of you did too. it is small. like the size of a teabag. literals. but after 2 days my face skin looks healthier, rosy and glowy. the rash isn't gone but it's better. kudos to whoever told me about pine tar soap and tea tree antiseptic cream by dermaE.

how do we feel about exposed plaster walls? hatesies? amy neunsinger's home had them too.

next time i want to paint something and i'm all..."what should i do?" you all refer me back to this raspberry cream showstopper. thanks.

i can't stop with the white...