dear god and jesus: a letter

you'll have to forgive me you two i am really tired today. but since you guys are god and jesus (a powerful duo from what i understand) i know you will. i just have a few requests/thank you's to give out.

1. could you please tell hartsfield/jackson airport in atlanta to change their flight patterns to anywhere but over my house? that would be awesome. i know it's technically my fault for moving .5 miles from the airport all in the name of a cute house, but you have a way of making things better for people (and bad...haiti! that wasn't very cool!!) so until i can move please do something about the DC10747jumbojets taking off in the direction of me.

2. can you also please stop with the rain? it's cold, and we don't really need it as not much is growing at the moment. plus i lay awake every night listening to the sounds of a sump pump throwing up water that is flooding in our crawlspace. that + jets = no sleep.

3. thanks for making the red panda:

kitten paws:

and peonies:
now please help me with those other things. i am happy to move, so if you could present a house for me that is in a great school district, in our budget and not full of stinky carpet, wood paneling or green formica that would be amazeballs.

images via we heart it and home