did anyone else see this fartknockin' nonsense?

in the latest issue of house beautiful (another real sleeper by the way- where we are to indulge stephen drucker's gayballs idea of having an all one color issue. sigh. it was so GD insipid.) anygay..we also saw that kathryn m. ireland, textile designer and house decorator, is charging us 370 dollars for her ikea harry chair slipcovers. 370 dollars. for an ikea chair. maybe its me but i'm thinkin' that if your buying a fucking ikea chair you are not affordin' a 370 dollar slipcover.
does anyone else think this is R'TARD?

ireland's pricey bullshit

well jcaroline home also makes a harry chair slipcover for 40 dollars. YES FORTY!!!! that makes way more sense, does it not? and there are more fabrics besides this not-so-pretty paisley. including zebra for all you zebraheads out there.

jcaroline's affordable