presenting my new chairs

ok so these are my old chairs:
they are old. antiques even, probably late 1800's early 1900's. have to ask the MIL this as they came from her. very well made, arts and crafts and SOO not me. anyway.. i am selling them to make way for these:
ah yes, the tolix chair...marais chair...whatever you want to call it i love it. it works in any and every (good) decor. just look and see for yourself...
eclectic, modern country above....contemporary, modern below...

cote de joni's girlfriend sally wheat and her mish mash of belgian modern shabby whatever...looks great.

the green in this space is so yummy. but this space in general is so yummy you could sit on steaming piles of shit and it would still be pretty..

i also love the armchair version but think i will just stick with the non-arm variety. 6 please.

if you can find vintage tolix that are all tarnished consider yourself lucky...they are what i really want. but i will settle for shiny new ones and tarnish them up with years of use myself..

i know the exposed lightbulbs are all the rage right now but i find them to be too interrogation city. maybe in a reading nook over a tufted armchair but not over a table. although i do like those anthropologie sconces with the bare bulb in that cage thing-y..

for me personally i love how they look against a worn wood table, which is what i have- a big, antique, wonky pedestal table circa 1900.

see? they really do work anywhere. now, i have to try and price my chairs. do i go ebay or a dealer? anyone know anything about selling antiques? they aren't in the best shape (a little wear and tear but not much). the tolix chairs are about 200 a chair. i am pretty sure i can't get 200 a chair for mine but i think 100 at least, don't you? thoughts please.

images via from the right bank, cote de texas, marie claire maison, living etc, your mom the curator