jessica's lincoln nebraska craig finds (aka this shit was hard)

today i had the distinct pleasure of trolling around the lincoln nebraska craigslist. fuck me that shit was ugly. but i am pretty sure i managed to pull off another success. jessica asked for rita konig/ruthie sommers inspired things. easy for me since i heart those bitches too. not easy to find in lincoln however.

here's what jessica wrote to yours truly:

Hi Jenny,

My hometown Craigslist (Lincoln, NE) is pretty grim. You're pretty much SOL unless you love "solid oak" or are looking for a particleboard computer desk. My style: I love Rita Konig and Ruthie Sommers. Looking for: a headboard for my bedroom, coffee table, lamps, artwork.

Thanks! I adore your blog!

ok jess...first up is:

1920's victorian couch- $?? they didn't list the price, so it could be 40ramillion dollars. but i think you should inquire. it is lovely. and it's like 6 feet long.

i managed to find 3 headboards in a sea of puke that i thought you could make work.

this one:
king headboard- $60 (since you didn't tell me what size bed you have i had to guess) this one is upholstered but you could re-upholster it using this link.

i was inspired by ruthie sommers own bedroom:

this one comes listed with the following 2 pieces (there are 5 pieces total but the owner only posted 4 pics) but you could probably split them up but all 3 pieces are great individually, they just need some shiny paint.
queen size headboard, dresser and armoire: $750 total (but again, ask for one piece or to come down in price) i saw this headboard painted creamy white against a dark gray wall, maybe?

really could be fabulous with paint and shiny new hardware:

same with this piece. and think outside the box!! use the headboard in your bedroom (duh) but then this piece below your flatscreen. and the armoire in the hall or bathroom for linens, or in the dining room or kitchen for extra china storage..

king or queen brass headboard- $100. could be glam with some serious bedding.

brass and glass coffee table- $45. very cool. the epitome of lady decor. and so cheap!!

vintage art deco bar cart
- $50. so so good. so so rita/ruthie.

vintage wood chair
- $10!! so cute, so cheap. totally paint it, recover it in some swanky fabric and rock that shit rita style.

2 awesome oriental lamps
- $100 each, pick one and offer 50. so cute.

set of bamboo side tables
- $75. OMG! get these, paint them black and add some shiny chinoiserie hardware from muff's!!!

bamboo table and 4 chairs- $95. love these. these are aching for some black paint and a graphic cushion. pair with a modern table. genius.

antique secretary
- $125. perfect as is it looks like. maybe some different hardware? love it.

antique sideboard- $50. this is unique and could be used as a bar or as a buffet in a small dining room or even in a bathroom for towels and toiletries. just needs some paint. or even as is i think it's rather lovely. or if you're really adventurous have someone carve out a hole and plop a sink in there. your bathroom just got rita'd.

antique drop side table- $75. i would use this as a bedside table or lonny style with a bunch of plants in a sunny spot (see next pic).

ok, so lincoln nebraska's craigslist isn't that great. but i hope i managed a few finds for you jessica. what do you all think?