sonchia's modern dining search of southwest craig ( i feel like fucking sacagawea)

here we are again everyone. another craigslist challenge. let me tell you if i were charging, this is where it would get expensive. i was navigating 5 different craislists. which sucked. my eyes started to cross.
anyway..sonchia challenged me to find a modern dining table to mix it up in her traditional space. here's what she wrote:



Challenge - ON.

I live in Telluride, CO. Yep, it may seem all "ski town cool" (or whatever people like to think b/c Tom Cruise has a house here & crap), but actually it sits in the middle of nowhere rural Colorado. I am in desperate need of a new Dining Room table. I have been scouring Craigslist for my area (Western Slope, CO) for months now. What do I find? Shitty oak shit & antlers. My place is pretty traditional, but I would like to find something modernish to mix it up around this joint.

So, what can you find for me via Craigslist? I can't wait to see what you come up with.

My "sucky donkeykong dick" Craigslist:

Happy Hunting!

sonchia was right, the westslope craig DID suck donkeykong dicks which is why i had to go to other cities. so now this is part of the new criteria...if you want to take me up on my challenge you have to provide me with the next 3 cities in your state that you are willing to travel to for a great deal.

so back to sonchia's needs. i told her i would find her some modern tables (and i did) but i also wanted to provide her with what i think is a better way to incorporate a little modern in a traditional space. and that is a more traditional table mixed with modern chairs. i think that look blends better. but that said let's begin:

first up is a cool modern sofa, not on her list but still cool:
modern white leather sofa- $675


mid century pendant light- $50. great price and would be cool with the mix of a traditional table and modern-ish chairs.

pair of crate and barrel sconces- $100. also a great way to add a touch of modern to a traditional space.

cb2 dining table- $150. great price! and on the flip side of things would look great with more traditional chairs, like a skirted parson's chair.
west elm glass and chrome dining table- $200. great price. very modern.

modern white lacquer table- $380. great little modern table.

glass dining table- $250 OBO

saarinen table and 4 chairs- $1100. maybe they'll sell just the table? still it's a great price for what you're getting.

danish modern teak table and 6 chairs- $395

solid 3" butcher block table- $80!! what a price. a gorgeous piece of wood as well. pair it with some of the modern chairs below. or some bentwood chairs painted, and a modern pendant.

antique pedestal table- $150. i have one of these and i love it! put the settee down below with it and some modern chairs- like tolix!!!
it extends..

they are calling this a fancy circular table, asian style with pretty texture and joints- $80. it's hard to say how big it is from the pics but it looks interesting. could be a great little dining table.

lacquered dining table and 6 chairs- $1000. yum. the chairs are gorgeous too. but maybe you could just get the table?

antique bentwood armchairs
- $55 each. what's not to love?? i would snatch these up in a heartbeat.

antique highback settee- $50!! such a great price...saving your money for some fab new upholstery to sidle up next to one of those tables....

modern stacking chairs- $20 each.

west elm side chairs- $50 each. these are great. i would put them in your traditional living room.

set of 4 mid- century chairs- $135 for the set. this is a GREAT deal. these chairs are awesome!! really. would pair nicely with one of those glass tables. any of them really.

pair of vintage walnut chairs- $60!! great price. rehupolster that shit and be awesome.

pair of danish modern chairs- $80!!

whew! hope you like sonchia.

what do you all think?