my liberty of london target swag and fabric purchases (or things that make you want to hump stuff)

first off let me say that here in ATL they were putting shit out early. which made me mads. i did not have my game face on last week when i spotted some picture frames. hence i didn't buy the frames. here is what i did buy:

shirt for supermike:

dresses for fiona:

a bathing suit for fiona, bra for me and 2 candles (violet and fig):

candle lit up on my dresser:

and then....
yesterday my mother in law and i went to the fabric store where i purchased a yard of this:

possibly for this chair:

what do you think? the fabric is gorgeous in person, lots of pink and red but i am afraid it's too much. but that could just be my fear of color commitment talking. would it be too much to do the whole chair and ottoman in this fabric?

i also got a yard of this love:

need some advice please.
you should know that the fabric i WANT for this chair is the lee joffa confetti fabric in the white with black dots. but i can't afford it and i looked everywhere for something similar- no dice.
these fabrics were/are intended for curtains to hide my cat's poop box. but when i put that suzani fabric on that chair i was like holy balls of shit this is beautiful. i need this fabric on something more than a small curtain for the cat!!