amanda's philly craigslist finds

here we are again! farts. you all need to start paying me. that said, this particular challenge was easy peasy japanesey. it comes from amanda of the hilarious blog martinis or diaper genies. srsly, she is way funnier than me AND she's asian. that's a deadly combo of humor and smarts. but i am taller and prettier. here's what she wrote:


mid century eclectic, with antique stuff that I can paint funny colors.

i emailed her back and asked if she had anything specific in mind. here are her answers:

a full length mirror so i don't have to stand on my toilet

cool art
love seat

fame and fortune


done. except for the fame and fortune part. i am still looking for that myself, but if i find it i will let you know.

major cool chandelier- $150 could rock in your eclectic mid century mixed with antiques decor. in fact its very elle decor isn't it? and it's hugeballs. big impact for very little money.

full length vanity mirror- $200 but you could probs get it for 75.

60's full length danish modern mirror- $40. whaaa? 40? snatch that up.

adjustable floor lamp- $20 this is very cool and very cheap. plus it's flexible so you could make it do whatever you want.


mid century barcelona lounger- $195 shitballs this rocks. get this and upholster it in something like...

this, put it in your bedroom....and you can finally be my best friend like you have always wanted to be. i mean come on. this is a gorgeous prospect.

green settee- $250. a little pricey but you could probs get it for 150. it's a great in between size and with some killer fabric in say a chevron or big stripe it would be amaze.

4 chinoiserie-esque chairs- $200. great price for 4 chairs that you could paint something delicious.

8 x 10 rug- $200 OBO. never been used! love it.

pair of bamboo chairs-$200. paint these bitches shiny black and add some new fabric on those cushions. dumb.

crate and barrel azure sofa- $800 craigslist pricey but less than half of what was paid. and you could always offer less.

mid century loveseat- ?? they are selling a sofa and loveseat for $350 so you could offer a lot less i'm sure. it has great lines and looks in good structural condition. the retro fabric isn't too bad. but i would def change it.

3 white nesting tables- make an offer. fuck dude, offer them 20 bucks! they're great and maybe you could funk them up with some faux snakeskin or croc paper.

glass and brass coffee table- $195. so good. esp. with that GD blue sofa up there.

blonde danish modern bar cart- $48. i like it as is, but would be beautiful painted as well. and that is a great price.

vintage lucite bar cart/side table- $99 yummy. get it.

this awesome motherfucker was gone this morning!!! sors.

so were these. dying for you.

hollywood regency buffet/sideboard- $150. also a great bar option. or in a hall for linens or in the living room under a small flatscreen or bedroom..paint it and put some different hardware on it.

great chair- $75. a steal. needs a tiny bit of easy lovin.
your welcome.