considerations over the weekend

as you know MFAMB has done quite a lot of work lately finding good shit on craigslist for you. and while i am good at finding great deals and worthy castoffs i haven't really even begun to tap into all that i am capable of here. in a nutshell i believe i can probably recreate a room off of craigslist. or get really fucking close. this obviously all depends on whether you are close to a major city or you live in the middle of alaska. so imagine me like a decorator only instead of all new shit i get all the stuff affordable like off of craigslist. i know this is nothing new for decorators who work within a budget, many of them shop craigslist all the time. i am not reinventing the wheel here, just offering my services to find it for you at a cost. b/c as fun as all of this has been it has been ridiculously time consuming.
don't believe i can do it, or it's worth paying me for???...well then just read what others are saying:

"cool rooms, nice finds...seriously you need an agent" .....boops.

"you. are. awesome".....chedva.

"HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FIND ALL THIS GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, my whole apartment is fully decorated and it only took you a day, while I've lived here for almost 4 months!!!".....court.

"dang chica, you did it again. you got a nose or sixth sense for this treasure finding" smart

"Your CL skills are unmatched! I need to check out the Atlanta CL before I head that way in a few weeks just to see if I can snag a deal while I'm there. You've inspired me . . ." interior life

"You should start charging for this shit- you are crazy good at finding the treasures out of all the crap".....lindsb

amen lindsb! a to the mother fucking MEN!!

so if you have contacted me already about doing this for you, have no fear i am still going to do it for you for free. from here on out though i will be charging 25 dollars per room. that is cheap as farts and i am totally worth it. that fee includes as many email consultations as is needed as well as finding you everything your top 3 craigslist cities have to offer based on what it is you are looking for. the fee is 25 dollars for 10 items. that fee is subject to change as my business grows. DUH! if i am needed to travel to help you put it all together in your house then we are talking a little bit more. but that is TBD.

so, let me know what you think. be honest. but be nice. i am just trying to make a little money to help out around here. my enthusiasm is honest and my intentions are pure, and i actually really really love doing it.

hearts and farts,