ms. smart's los angeles craiging

do yourself a favor and go to los angeles craigslist, just for shits and gigggles. it actually kind of pissed me off it was so good. i mean it's still craigslist, and you do have to rummage through a heaping pile of shitfuckstack to get to the awesomeness.

ms. smart (you probs know her from her blog and/or her comments on your blog) asked me for some cool lamps and art storage, here's what she wrote:

"Dang, you are good at that.

I need a cool floor lamp for my living room. What do you think tiger lady? Pasadena, CA (Los Angeles area). I have dark wood, red silk chairs, brown leather. Think urban condo - modern, fancy, artsy, a bit of leopard, French interior kinda. I also need an art area solution. "

here is my inspiration pic (elle decor):

mid century floor lamp- $175 all of these lamps i picked are way cool and would turn a room filled with antiques into a chic and modern space.

brass floor lamps- $25 each or $40 for both personally i think this is about themost ridiculously awesome deal in the history of deals. get them, both! srsly look no further.

mid century pole lamp- $80 good but the ones above are better.

arc floor lamp- $75 pretty cool too!

vintage mid century copper bamboo floor lamp- $150 also good.

wooden asian bowls and stands- $5 how cool is this loot? good for your arty stuff? as i see it they are like pedestals for your paints. give them reverence.

wooden decorative accessories
- $18 like cool trays to gather your paints and supplies and keep order among them.

vintage white metal shelves
- $350 these are fuckballs expensive. but very cool. baskets don't come with but a few of those wooden things above would be cool.

west elm shelves- $100 also cool. good for a small space.

handmade rustic cabinet and hutch- $250 i thought this was the cat's paws. so unique and a big place to store your stuff. it's handmade!! what better place to store your handmade's. great price too. it's soooo bali.


antique music stand- $150 cute. good for papers and what not.

steel ornate victorian display case- $125 love this. it's steel!! and it's ornate.

vintage metal shelves- $30 i love these mixed in with dark wood floors and rich antiques.

so ms. smart i surely hope i have provided you with some sort of love.
go forth and craig.