oscar feeeevah...

this sunday is the oscars and i need help picking out a dress..

is this one too much?.. look at that color though!!!

this one would look amaze on me..it would be good for my jugs, slenderize my arms and give me good waist...plus green on blondes is pretty. brunettes too, but i think better on blondes...(don't hate brown haired girls).

what about this one??? perhaps too much for oscar.. it is spectacular..

mmmm....this one is good too. but those boob cups on me would border on porno. 'member mariah carey at the globes??

and i can't stop staring at this face...

so i will surely be watching on sunday pretending i am in one of these numbers...and i hope the oscar bitches wear pretty. usually they wear ugly or boring or safe. i predict lots of champagne colored frocks and lots of one shouldered numbers, plenty of pretty jewelry and less spray tan.

and as always i will be here on monday with the fashion recap..

dress images via sarah klassen's beautiful blog, face via in style