super spring power

happy spring all of you. this is going to be a great season. i feel it. i never in a million years predicted this blogging thing. not like i predicted i would win an oscar by age 30. i mean i thought at this point in my life i would be staring at at least 2 of them on my mantel. or near the shitter b/c i am clearly too cool to put them on a mantel. plus from a decor perspective that's tackballs. anyway. i am off to susie's office today for the big blog change! that's right, MFAMB is going dot com. (and so much closer to fame and fortune) so all of you (and i mean ALL of you- there will be cutting if you don't) are going to have to adjust your follow status. i think. will know more today. but for now, sit back, stay tuned and enjoy the fresh weather.
stinky farts,

images via airspacesUK, and the cherry blossom girl