my laduree cherry has finally been popped!! i finally feel like a woman.

remember when i told the world that i would cut a bitch for some of these??? yeah, well. i finally ate some. a whole box in fact. let me just say that yes, they are as good as everyone says they are. and yes, there are some flavors that taste similar to turds floating in an acid bath. i didn't have a list of flavors so i had to guess a lot. there was one that i am pretty sure was either honeysuckle or orange blossom that blew my mind!! the rose, caramel, honeysuckleorangeblossom and vanilla were the best. but they all got eaten. even the acid turds. and you have to eat them pretty much all at once, otherwise they get all dried out. a few times i thought i was gonna puke. but it would have been a beautiful puke show. rainbow puke.
how did i get these cookies?? my blog pal bailey at peppermint bliss sent them to me from london. smuggled them past fed ex actually..seriously, she went to major lengths to get them to me. and i am eternally grateful to her. this is part of our email conversation:

"Hotel wouldn't send them, embargo on US, bum city (although...true story here, while I was arguing with the concierge about the safety of sending magic treats to US they sent not 1 but 2 straight up prostitutes to rooms...not staying in a brothel...officially anyway)
Went on our own to fedex #1...told them treats were soaps...soaps apparently a no-go for sending to US
Go to fedex #2...notice hallmark store across the streat...realize hallmark might be universal for "Tame useless crap that could not/would not cause international incident"
Buy frog to keep magic treats company. Send both using Hallmark bag.

you can also read about her awesome trip to london with her finance (onpurpose) at her hilarious blog, peppermint bliss.

turn it up!!