happy 101 award. for me. and you too bc i share my greatness with you. without you i am not awesome.

therese over at la dolfina gave me an award. cool. i think really the award is for you though bc you get to know me better and that is awesome for you. i am supposed to tell you 10 things that make me happy. so.....

10 things that me happy.


pooping.there is no greater sense of accomplishment.




my daughter.she is the reason for everything.



mike.he is my better half. usually. plus he folds heaps of laundry.



nicolas.there is no greater comfort to me when i am feeling down than my nose in him's soft, warm tuft.



blogging and my blog readers.many of you have become very dear to me. and blogging with you and for you is like riding a magic narwal through frosted cupcake crumbs with my mouth open.



alcohol.i don't drink much at any given time, but i do drink almost every day. i look forward to wine while i get dinner started. and a good cocktail made with the finest ingredients is very refined and makes me feel very glamorous.



cooking.i can cook anything and i can prove it. in fact if MFAMB didn't take up most of my time i would have a food blog too. maybe one day. when fiona is older.



my dearest west coast anna.we have been friends forevah and the sound of her voice on the other end of the phone could make the worst headache disappear. (she makes me forget my troubles dummies!)



the previews before the movie.they are so often better than the actual movie you are about to see. and if you are coming to the movies with me you better fucking be on time!! and that means on time for the previews.

and if you talk through the previews i will throw eye daggers at you and they hurt. bc my eyes are magic and the daggers are real, tiny (bc they come out of my eyes) and sharp like the ones this guy carries.



tiny cute animals.doesn't matter what kind. but i can't be around them bc i would turn into lenny from of mice and men and squeeze them so hard i would kill them. sads.