heather's central michagan craig (no one uses craigslist there aka my job was hard)


its another craig day for us all. "gird your loins". that's what heather said to me and she was right. central, northern, and grand rapids michigan's craiglist suck lemur balls.
it's not that there is a ton of crap to sift through, there just isn't a whole lot of anything. like 5 additions to the furniture category in 4 days. i managed to find a few things in her areas but i did venture to detroit just in case...detroit is no picnic either.
here's heather's letter to me:


"Dear MFAMB,

I have been diligently combing the list for a curvy french
chair and/or sofa. My craiglist is northwest Michigan region,
gird your loins.
Much love,


let's begin...
(*michigan people like to jack the prices of their shit up...be warned. my advice is to always offer half. if they are stubborn and say- no way assfarter! just say ok thank you and bye. watch the item...in a week if it's still there...call back and ask again.)

love seat and chair- $220 this is a great shape and reasonable for both pieces.

beautifully carved french sofa- $585 it is quite unique and you could make it waaay cooler by covering it in a gorgeous nubby black linen and maybe gold leaf the wood. drool. sexballs.

french provincial sofa
- $300 same advice as above. or go opposite with some white linen and silver leaf. but the possibilities are endless.

3 piece antique settee- $400 gorgeous.

french settee- $300 probs too small for your sofa purposes but happy in a bedroom or next to your dining room table. cover it in something durable and washable. oh and forgo the tufting. i love tufting but not on this piece. it's like a fat chick in thigh highs to me for some reason.

couch-vintage settee- $300 way cool in an entry.

antique couch and chair- $300

antique sofa- $725 you can find these a dime a dozen in atlanta for 1/4 of that price.

victorian antique white sofa- $280 skirt off please.

queen anne sofa- $450 yummy. my favorite. offer half.

your welcome michigan heather.