weekend table projects and how to be awesome 101

obviously when you are taking a picture to show how the wonderbar has transformed your skin from pretty amazing to really really fucking awesome you don't want to take it in a cave at night. and you certainly don't want to do it right after you smoked a powerbong.
also, i didn't realize my forehead was so high i could have played queen elizabeth instead of cate blanchett. i mean they wouldn't have needed a prosthetic forehead bc i am in possession of an awesome, camera-ready elizabethan fivehead.

this is a cheap ikea table that is real actual wood and i am going to paint it ballet slipper pink this weekend and it's going to be fiona's nightstand. an adorable yellow ginger jar lamp will sit on top.

also this is my new desk. thank you susie. i am going to paint it black. again. from martha's new line called "silhouette" in high gloss. now if i just lived in canada i would buy that gd mirror i spied on craigslist. that way i could stare at my fivehead while i blogged. total inspiration.

sexy legs.

happy weekendfarts.
i love you.