on the weekends superfamily and i go to get breakfast, usually at the west egg which we feel is the best place in atlanta to get breakfast.  although according to my husband no one can do an omelet like wafflehouse.  but other times (my favorite) it's serenbe and the blue eyed daisy. serenbe is about 25 minutes south of the airport, therefore 25 minutes from our house which is pretty much right next door said airport which btw is the BUSIEST AIRPORT IN THE WOOORLD!!!!   but. i. digress. grumpliy.  speaking of grumpy....

this is usually the face i am met with most days. but usually i can do something silly and sourpuss turns into this:



the blue eyed daisy...pretty isn't it?

perfectly shabbified table painted a pretty putty color and mixmatched chair goodness. for a farm (which is what serenbe is among other things) this is perfect.

play fort in the middle of the woods.

mike and i daydream about winning the lottery and building a house here for the weekends. it is a fully sustainable community!! there are rules to living here, good ones. like, composting is a law as is recycling and shit like that. and there are all these paths with sneaky seating areas like the one below and ponds and cats running around. heaven.


this is one of the 2 cats that fiona and i are always excited to see. we met the twins (this is the brother, the sister is laying over by the horses) when they were just kittens and they are the most awesomely sweet, affectionate cats ever..and pretty too.

have any of you out there ever been to serenbe??