so tonight i am going to ronda carman's sferra party here in atlanta. i was actually invited!! can you even believe that? i just assume most other bloggers are afraid of me and think i will say fuck a lot. i have been invited and uninvited before by people who are afraid..FUCK THOSE FUCKERS!!!!  but not you ronda carman! you see the awesomeness that is me and how i will only make your party sparkle more. not sure what bloggers i will meet but i will take pics so you can see them here. 


so i painted fiona's little table.  it's hard to tell the color, here it is with the first coat..

the color is martha's "ballet slipper pink" and it's the most beautiful shade of blush tone rose ever ever. it's got enough yellow in it to make it sophisticated and not too girly. this is a great color that would be awesome on the walls of a powder room or a formal-ish living room with silvery gray tufting and sea grass rugs. yum!

she watched me paint.  she lays her eggs there every year, twice a year. isn't she pretty? the circle around her eye is pale powder blue.


here is the table finished, 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of wipe on poly.



and here is the lamp that will sit on top.  still waiting for a shade.

so anyway..i will style it up when i get a chance and post pics of that as well. also the black desk, that i am starting tomorrow...

come back tomorrow for pics of the party..