party at the moontower..with rich, awesome people..not rednecks

where do i begin?  let me give you a brief summary of the decor...very traditional, very pretty, lots of pieces i would have loved to have snatched up and taken home.  phoebe ('the pheebster' by the end of the night) howard's showroom/office/castleinbuckhead is 3 floors? 4? each floor is made to look like a room in a house. there are a few dining rooms, living rooms, sitting areas, bedrooms and alcoves..all amazeballs.  i talked to her about her process (i know totally gay)...bc i wanted to hear how awesome it must be to have a place like this to decorate constantly, change up, follow trends, learn you hate trends...etc... she said in a day a whole "room" can be emptied b/c rich ass people (my words, not hers) come in, like it and say, "i want all of it" she has to start over!  how fun!!!!!!!! for you...

this is what we (my friend molly and me- like "marley and me" only she doesn't die at the end and she's not a dog) walked up to and saw first....SWAG!!!!!!

then we were all...whooaaa!! SK AND PH???!!


i was pointing to the swag bags and trying to avoid the sun melting my skin off...while also showing off my orange leather supershoes...


one of several lamps that i coveted..

and another...

quatrefoil love..


here's me and mollsballs in the pink and beige linen bedroom (our fave)..

there were tons of these awesome antique kilim rugs all over the place...and honestly there were my favorite part of the whole house..weird. and the whole time i kept saying to molly, i could find 95% of all this on craigslist for a song!!!

both of these were the best shade of pink fiona's table!!


2 of these little pink quartz lamps would set you back around 3G's.  and if i had it i would have bought them.


this thing was beautiful..

nailhead love...

i couldn't tell if this was painted or just repeat panels...but i LOVED was in one of the dining rooms downstairs..


jill sharp brinson!! and i, on several occasions called out (loudly) "it's jill brinson's jill brinson shaaaarp!!!!"  you see how i inverted her 2 last names?  like a drunkass fartwad!  in any case she chatted ME up..and i totally name dropped (valorie hart is like my sister..we are so tight!).  she was very cool and dressed as impeccably as her rooms.


this necklace stopped me in my tracks. the woman wearing it was gorgeous as well, and she was all "not my face" - so i left her face out of the equation. which is a shame bc the necklace against her face was the deal sealer for me on buying the necklace.


here is mr. howard and erika from blu label bungalow blog.  mr. howard came up to us and i was all "who are you?"  yeah, classy, i know.  and he said "i own the place".  he was awesome. we wanted to stuff him in our pockets.

me and erika..milk chocolate and clotted cream.  we are bro's now.

ronda carma of all the best was the host and she was sweet and cool. she was fixing stiff drinks in the closet/backroom and after 45 glasses of prosecco (alcohol content-0) i decided gin was the next step into awesometown.  and as a result here's me humping all of mrs. howard's fabric samples...



dropping a deuce at phoebe howard's...

leaving with swag..which was supposed to have sferra cocktail napkins inside...mine did not. someone stole my swag out of my swag bag. not feeling so guilty for dropping a deuce now..

for real though, i had a blast and decided that i only ever want to hang out with rich fabulous people who have houses in the hamptons next door to ina garten.

oh, and the bloggers in attendance:









each and every one of these ladies were lovely. i was honored to be there.