peeing rainbows...

it's on!!!! my best friends are back. you can poke fun of me all you want "best friends...ppsshh....sad"..but they are like my besties. i'm like the deaf, mute bestie that sits behind a screen. when any of them look at the camera, they are looking at me. you see.
ok, i am kidding. i am not that pathetic. but of all the housewives, the new york batch are the ones i love the most. and if i HAD to choose a batch to run around with it would be these ladies..tell me you wouldn't want to be friends with jill and bobby zarin. you'd be lyin'!
anyway...season 3 airs tonight at 11 on bravo. here is a recap of kelly and bethenney's best moments. plus a little sneak peak at the end.

**a commenter from youtube sums up the beast that is kelly pretty accurately:

"This is what happens when you confront a Narcissist. Nothing gets through to them and the Narcissist goes on the attack, refusing all blame until enventually one finally gives up in confusion at the N's obtuseness. Narcissists are complicated, unpredictable, and hopeless emotional vampires who serve only themselves - I salute the way this plucky gal handled it. Reality Television is crawling with people with this misunderstood disorder."