the craig- A. T. L.

sometimes you really can find some good shit...

1. regency chinoiserie tole chandelier: $275 -a bit pricey but have you see what some of these go for on ebay and other places?? plus, it's that shit down! this is great white but could take just about any color and look amaze..

2. 4 vintage thonet bentwood chairs!! - $200 for all 4! whhhhaaa??? these are classic chairs. perfect for a breakfast nook. they are asking to be painted turquoise or acid yellow.

3. antique settee and chair-$300. i'll bet you could get 200 for the settee and 100 for the chair if you split them up. they have great lines. but really that settee needs a little black and white striped upholstery love and she will sing.

4. pair of brass restoration hardware sconces- $50!! for real these are mine!

5. 2 leaning bookcases- $150 for both. i think these would be great in a walk in closet for scarves, purses, or even your shoes.

6. settee- $210. love this. hard to tell if the upholstery is dirty or just ugly..or maybe in person it's not so bad. either way it's a great price, although really with extra 10 bucks? what's that all about? you could always upholster it or have it cleaned. i want a proper entry so that i can put a settee in it!

7. D'OH! crystal chandelier- $135!!! that price is sick folks. i want want want this soooo bad. for my middle room, my living room, my bedroom, my bathroom, my daughter's room and my hall.

8. mid century coffee table- $40! it's hard to tell if this is really shit or not..but i though the shape was unique and the pattern on top appears chevron-ish. for 40 bucks you could so buy it and paint it if the finish was bad.

9. victorian couch- $250. again, you could probably get it for 2 and with the right fabric this is a showstopper. look at those lines in the 2nd picture..gorgeous!

10. draper-era desk- $60!! this obviously needs refinishing and new hardware. yes, you could paint it too. how about black with shiny gold hardware? or if it were me i would totally let a pro strip it and then stain it to a pretty wood finish. for 60 bucks you could do anything..

11. wrought iron garden chairs (4)- $250. these are too awesome for words. i want them in my (pretend) garden. now.

hope you enjoyed my finds!! and don't forget to visit susie and her finds, she is great at spotting mid century treasures.