weekend hugs for you plus shit that makes me want to beat people and some pretty

what does this mean? i think it's pretty self explanatory, but if you are still a r'tard here you go: lots of you tell me that your town's craigslist sucks donkeykong dicks. i simply don't believe you. so i invite you to challenge me to find shit for you using your craigslist. you just need to tell me a. what you're looking for or b: what your style is. or both. duh. oh and your nearest craigslist. double duh. think about it, get back to me. my email address is somewhere on this blog.

also's...this woman is trying to murder me. she and i are going to get into it this weekend times 40.

this dress is very pretty isn't it??

as is this room...

and if there is a god, he will see to it that i am here one day...

happy weekending and please get back to me on the list of craig..