mountain updates, i'm in a magazine and guest blogging!

first up, i had a great time in the mountains.

no one ate me.

i ate awesome food though and gained probably 415 lbs.

fiona turned into the devil.

camera broke but video happened.

supermike will make it right.

came home and pollen ate my face.


in other news..

MFAMB is mentioned in a magazine!


 its not elle decor or world of interiors.

but instead its more awesome!!

it's do it yourself magazine..


apparently jessica thomas thinks i'm awesome...



thanks jessica!

go get the magazine, her condo redo is inspiring.


and last but not least i am guest blogging about springtime over at peppermint bliss!!


a big thank you to jessica for the mention. i will love you forever.

and thanks to debra for the heads up. i will love you forever too.