peach is the new hue bitches...****with updates for you peach haters


i scanned these from the new martha stewart magazine.

she gives great paint color advice in it.

i have been talking up peach a lot lately.

look how good it looks in this room..

the deep blues and taupey grays keep everything grounded and the pops of yellow and gold keep it fresh.

(btw the terms "grounded" and "fresh" make me want to puke on my face)

and just like orange, peach makes gray happy.

and that little bit of pale robin's egg blue takes it to the superpeesquirts.


let me explain something to you peachhaters (anon) there is nothing dated about this peach, and it's a faded robin's egg blue which is to say it's pale fucking turquoise. also chintz? granny? where??? all i saw was a pretty peach mirror against a pretty gray wall. and the other room, no chintz. no granny either. just sublime peach tones mixed with gold and dark blue and yellow. making it all fucking awesome!

also, this is not the same peach that was on walls in the 80's. first of all it's not on walls, it's on accent pieces.

this peach is warm, blush-like, like skin. not the cold blue undertones of peaches past.

love it or i will fart on you.