another awesome painting project with knobs..

this was my mom and dad's tv armoire for years before they gave it to us to use for our tv. but since the flat screen invention it has been useless. it's a little too kuntry for my taste but it has served me well as the place where i hide all my officey crap. now it will be the place where i hide my stereo. another ginormousugly that needs to be hidden.

going to paint it black, shiny black. not sure about the legs. nothing has struck me. what do you think?

(not fucking turquoise!)

i do plan on using these knobs...

i super love them.

i am painting it today, so no change mind on black, but will accept your advice on the legs.

and yes, i would love to get a new piece, and i probably will off of craigslist. but for now this ugly thing has to stay and i need to make it as pretty as possible.