nicole's craigslist dining table. dealer farts.

 you all know nicole from sketch 42 blog, right?  sharp, witty, passionate, sexballs, and a fucking apartment of dumbness. she paid me to find her some tables on craigslist and by the powers of grayskull i think i have achieved greatness.  first let's take a look at what she has to live with....

i know...supersads for her, but i do think she needs a round or oval table and possibly a bit bigger...

here are the goods:

dining room 1930's germany- $8,000.

i know fucking eightthousanddollars?!???!?!  but, pretty sure you could get the table for 1000. or less. shit i don't stupid are german people? (fuck you i'm kidding)

it looks pretty. and wide. nicole needs wide i think. her table is too narrow.

anyway...i am dying to see this in person.


dining room table and chairs- $600

these people are all..."we have to move now!!!" probs get a deal.

i don't know about you but this table speaks to my nether regions..

it's mahogany and has amazing details. cleaned up this could be a stunner. deep chocolatey brown would go well in your place nicole. although i could see it painted too.



antique mahogany dining table- $685

gorgeous. regal and lovely. strip it. or paint it.



oval dining table- $150

what?!!?  $150!??!

this is crying for some glossy french gray paint..


antique dining table and chairs- $350

kind of farmhouse meets art deco.


antique 10'10 table- $??

no idea how much this cost but it's huge.



berkey and gay dining table- $1300

i think this m-effer is huge! and has potential.


art deco dining table and chairs- $400

this could be absolute shit or amazeballs in the USA.

hard to say.

either way it's worth inquiring.

i think the inlay is marble.

ok then.

super craig hearty farts in the USA and new york!!!!!!!

also, it's fair to point out that new york city craigslist branches out into connecticut and vermont without you even knowing.

so sorry if one of these tables is in fucking cranberryville USA or maplesyrupcity USA.

in addition antiques dealers are eating up the craigslist pages advertising their stores.

so sifting through is harder for me.

p.s. i said fuck 4 times