putting my craig skills to the test....aka my eyes literally fell out of my skull and landed on my my computer where they told me i was turning them blind with evil strain..

this is what 4000 hours of sifting through craigslist can do to you..

the dining room i copied...


the goods i gathered:

(details** a few things i had to go to ebay for. sors. i used atlanta craigslist. some things are close rather than exact. deal with it or punches)

starting with benjamin moore's champion cobalt

(have no idea what color the lonny room is, lonny doesn't say so this is my closest guess)

ok the windows, found a dude who has a pile of bamboo shades...

bamboo shades: $20 each

curtains...get some inexpensive linen at fabric world (says susie) and have them made.



9 x 12 sisal- $275

the table: tough to find that finish while still maintaining the long shape and gorgeous legs..stain it.

antique dining room suite- $1075 for all of it.

surely you could get the table separately.


mahogany dining table- ??

asking 900 for this table plus six chairs..get the table for 400 or less...shit offer whatever.

for the wingback chairs:

have the slipcovers made out of inexpensive white denim or cotton duck or canvas even (and i think white is crucial, but these babies are removeable and machine washable...trust..)

wingback chairs- $80 for both

or these:

2 matching wingback chairs- $275

zebra pillow-11.99 ebay

the chandelier:

hard to find the simplicity of the inspiration chandelier, everything was too scrolly or too many tiers..this was the closest i could find, spray it brass color or leaf it. or splurge on the real thing at circa lighting.

antique style chandelier- $50


six off white linen chandelier shades- $24.99 ebay

chairs- again this was the closest i could come up with.

the lines are simple in the inspiration pic..

antique cane chairs- $140 each

get a cushion made with that yummy stripy fabric


these are gorgeous too..

regency mahogany dining chairs- $250 a chair


1930's dining room chairs- $450 for 6

for the table tchochke

blue fish bowl with lid- $10

for flowers..

antique silver plated bowls- $10

ceramic artichoke sculpture/bowl- $19.99



ok..moving on..

the sideboardcredenzabuffetconsole was the death of me...

i searched everywhere for this fucker.

it's those legs, metal, that got me...so i picked one that was in the color family and with the boxy shape..

danish modern rosewood buffet- $1,385 ebay

obvi it's too much money. plus i'd keep searching until i found one with a more modern feel with those chrome legs.


2 crystal lamps- $40 for both

huge set of stoneware- $120 for all of it


silver serving pieces- $55 for all of it


on to all the fab artwork for the gallery effect..it all looks personal which i feel is important when you are buying art, whether it's 5 bucks or 5500 bucks..it should make you happy or FEEL something every time you look at it.

that said, i found some pretty pieces for the purpose of this project..

framed art- $5


abstract art- $299


framed art- $35


ok, on to the glass front hutch:

antique display cabinet- $399


antique display cabinet- $300


chinese blue and white small lamp- $49 ebay


brass candle holders- $20 for all 3


beautiful modern paintings- under $100

framed oil painting- $95


2 milk glass cups- $10

lenox large tureen- $89

ok...so...what do you think?

please don't state the obvious, like..

the fact that nothing is exact. this is craigslist with an ebay supplement people.

or that some of the finishes are off, or where in the fuck is the awesome parrot pillow??!?!


hire me.