simone's bathroom storage..

  simone emailed me with a bathroom storage request. there were size.

this was what she had to say:

" I live in Elizabeth City, a small rural town on the water in northeastern North Carolina.  Liz City is right under the Virginia border and an hour from Hampton Roads, VA.
 I'm looking for a storage piece that can be used in my bathroom to house cosmetics and toiletries AND fit in a tiny space that's 26 inches wide by 14 inches deep.
 I'm very open to what could be used; it does not have to be a dresser or chest of drawers. My furnishings are midcentury and Danish modern with vintage fabrics from the 1950s and '60s on pillows, curtains, etc. but I'm not wedded to this aesthetic for the bathroom find. I think there might be other styles that could mix well with my existing pieces.
 Can't wait to hear what you recommend. Thanks so much, Jenny.


here's what i came up with...

first a little inspiration:

all wood display shelf- $69

if wood's not your thing, paint it...something bright and orange or kelly green...

then get some modern-ish containers. ikea has great ones.


inspiration pic number 2:

obviously the huge hutch is not what i mean...we are talking that adorable dainty table...


black glass shelves...silver bamboo legs...


depending on what it looked like in person i would probably change the black glass for plain.

$25 bucks!!


rattan etagere- $175

(this price includes a table not shown)

i can see this painted red or dark blue or black or even bright yellow...


tall red display cabinet- $150

this is great. modern, retro...very cool in a bathroom. already has that medicine cabinet vibe.


thought this was's a vintage coke cabinet that someone built shelves into. so, one of a kind. cool, retro...



another inspiration pic:

antique display cabinet- $150

paint this...or strip it to a pale wood finish and then wax it up..


antique display cabinet- $100

this is the only piece that didn't post the measurements. all the others fit the bill of the dimensions you gave me.