some images i liked this week and therefore stole from you...

i love how this pedestal table is glossed up in orange,

and that peek of blue in the back there and those olivey brown walls..

(forget who i stole this from-lemme know)


this one i stole from hello gorgeous..

i need that sofa fabric...


this one i stole from head over heels..

i am smitten with these framed botanicals...are they hugo guinness? does anyone know?

are they real pressings? drawings? tell me.


and these last two i stole from little green notebook..

i am a fan of mirrors done right in a small space..

so perfect for opening it up and creating a little glamour...


and this one with the framed mirror..

LOVE this idea!!

so many of us live in tiny spaces these days and rent..etc...

this is such an inexpensive way to add panache to your room and make it seem bigger than it is.

mom, i can totally see this in your dining room on the wall facing the hutch...


ok then..

thieving farts...

remember this??