goodbye decorno- a tribute

2 january's ago i started blogging.

decorno was one of the first blogs i started reading religiously. pouring through posts past, every post really.

her mouth was on fire most of the time. she was a smart writer and funny without trying too hard to be.

i contacted her a few times after the fall of domino and presented her with an idea..."hey, lets write them a letter and you and i can try and change the world...together!!!!" basically...

she pretty much told me to fuck off.

but the sad fact was i wanted her to like me...think i was funny. after all i was a blogger and i had a mouth too.  like me decorno!!! LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!

this is how our relationship played out in my mind...

so steve/decorno...sorry we couldn't be friends. i would have totally made love to you and you would have loved every minute of it.