tanis's console table craig atlanta

hello MFAMB-ers!! another paying customer coming your way..

tanis of atlanta had a specific request...

she says:

"Your craigs list dining room rocked it. (DUH) I'm sold. I have been looking on craigs list for weeks for a console. I need your help! It's specific though... No more than 46" long. Higher than 30" and no more than 18" deep. Something that looks light so not like a dresser type piece. You up for it? I know it sucks bc so many people do not post dimensions. I'm hoping to paint it so any condition is cool. I like "vintage modern" and nothing too flourish-y. I know this is an extra special task so I'll pay more. I just want something fabby fab." 

this is what i found..

tall metal table- $100



antique library table- $199

ooooh!  maybe a coat of glossy white?? and some fabby lamps! 


rattan desk- $45

not a console but very cool!!  not knowing where you intended to use it...i am assuming it's in an entry or perhaps behind a sofa??  either way, this piece works..

paint it whatever...it will look great..



vintage console/buffet- $175

this is so pretty. you could modernize it with some fab hardware, i like muffs (hee hee)


sofa table- $158

might be over you length requirement but def has painting potential.  i would remove the bottom shelf and stick a couple of sexy stools/benches underneath.

the measurment thing was slightly debilitating and therefore if tanis is interested in a piece here and finds out it's too long, i will look again for a replacement piece.

so tanis let me know...