c u rater

the superfamily are going to the mountains this morning...

we are staying in a cabin in big canoe with mollsballs and her family.

we plan to be eaten by bears..


i came across these photos of a family vacation i took with my mom, dad and brother when i was about 7 or so..

we rented a big winnebago and travelled the USA. it was pretty cool.


i remeber being so taken with these springs..i think they were in arkansas? kentucky? missouri? one of those places...we ate fresh watercress out of it..

how pretty is my mom with her sugar free 7 up and her sweet head scarf and turtleneck?


me and my brother ross...


me when i was littler..





me again..


anyway...will have pictures for you on monday..

unless we are eaten by bears,

which we are planning to be..

have a fantastic weekend and c u rater...