2 for 2

i gotta say...meeting bloggers is my new favorite thing.  so far all the bloggers i have met have been supernice and awesomesweet and dumbcool.

i was so happy to be hugging the vamp that i turned asian.

other bloggers in attendance were renae of renae moore designs (right of the vamp) and holly of things that inspire.

all 3 of these women are tops in my book.

it was fun to talk and gossip and try to guess who is behind girl world decor. it was hinted at that someone thought it was me or valorie.

it was also majorly awesome to talk to holly about having suzanne kasler design her house with stan dixon as architect. if you don't read her blog you might want to add it to your b'roll so that you can follow the building of a dream house.


also, did you know that my cat is a teddy bear?

he's in hims clover patch. hims nice.