the d'tards are coming i swear!!

it was pointed out to me that the clip i posted earlier was from 2 seasons ago or some such bullshit.

they were correct. that shit was old.

but, facebook had a clip posted this morning of mandice olson getting her makeup done talking about season 5 being "the best season yet" while vern was complaining about being short. ok, not really. well the being short part anyway..he WAS whining about something. anyway...i tried to embed it but facebook laughed in my face. so i went to hgtv and tried to find it...denied.

but it is coming soon. i promise. there is just no known evidence of it. if they are smart they will contact me and give me some damn clips so that i can draw all over them get the word out.

TRUST hgtv.

in the meantime...

discuss this please...

also i have diarrhea. which is like death in your butt.

this is not my favorite kind of pooping.