a conversation with the novogratz's...aka my new bests.


my name is jenny and i write this blog.

blogs are cool don't you think?




i auditioned for the show drop dead diva today...do you watch it?

probs not. you guys redo houses and shit. and you are super cool.

i like your style. i mean, i can totally tell you're self taught. but that is a really really good thing. sometimes i look at rooms done by people like bilhuber, ridder, gambrel, smith and the like and i'm all...for fucks sake guys...this looks completely unobtainable. and before you readers get all designery on me...i realize there are a ton of rich people out there who WANT the unobtainable look...cuz they don't want their shit looking like my 15 dollar ikea sconce malarkey.

and i love the above designers like ramona loves pinot grigio.

so self taught is good. you are not influenced by some teacher in design school who was all pissed they never made it as a designer and instead had to teach you the wrong way to decorate.  with like, shit that's ugly.

i watch your show. and i love you. i love your kids too. is it weird that i am mildly attracted to wofie?

just kidding (not kidding).

i loved this last episode when you went to london. i love london. i went once.

so ummm...uuhh...cortney (i'm the only one in the world btw who knows you don't have a 'u' in your name) what do you think about being lesbian with me?

i think you look like the madonna (jesus's mom duh). whiiiich...is...waaaaay weirder now that i said i want to be lesbian with you.


your skin is pretty and i love how you shop. you shop like i wish i could shop. with reckless abandon and no idea of budgetary constraint.

robert i'll admit at first i thought you were douchey but then i realized you were not douchey. just kind of boyish and charming.

although it annoys me when you guys talk over one another in your interviews. and by annoys i mean pleases?  (awkward)

i have your book. i bought it before there was even an idea of this show. so i am a little bit cooler than most people that way.

i can name your kids. no really, waaay faster than that eastern block nanny you hired.

wolfie (swoon) is the oldest at 12

tallulah and bellamy are second in line at 10

breaker is 8

holly is 5

five is 4

and major is the baby.




if there is an 8th child will you name it silo?

like the thing that holds corn?


seriously i want to be near you.

i would make an awesome puppet for you.

pull my strings and i will do anything to make you laugh.

no....really....i will.

i have no shame.

or boundaries.

ok then.

if you wanted to adopt me i would be ok with that.

10 by design sounds like a whole lot of awesome.